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Neutrik Kabel Jackstik stereo Sølv - NP3X

Neutrik Kabel Jackstik stereo Sølv - NP3X
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3 pole 1/4 professional phone plug, nickel contacts, nickel shell. The Plug X Series serves all applications such as guitar applications, audio cables, snakes, speakers, amplifiers and mixing desks.

Teknisk specifikationer Contact resistance depends on mating connector mΩ Dielectric strength1 kVdc Insulation resistance> 2 GΩ Rated current per contact depends on mating connector A Rated voltage50 V Cabel O.D.4 - 7 mm Lifetime> 1000 mating cycles Wire size1 mm² Wire size18 AWG WiringS older contacts Bushing Polyacetal (POM) + PU Contact plating 2 µm Ni (Su) Contacts Brass (CuZn39Pb3) Insert Polyamide (PA 6.6 30 % GR) Shell Zinc diecast (ZnAl4Cu1) Shell plating Nickel Strain relief Polyacetal (POM) Standard compliance IEC 60603-11 / EIA RS-453 Solderability Complies with IEC 68-2-20 Temperature range-20 °C to +65 °C The
heavy duty professional phone plug series improves on the design of the
existing C series by offering the thinnest available A-gauge 1/4 plug
with unique Neutrik chuck type strain relief on the market. The
slimline shell with a width of 14.5 mm meets the most recent
requirements for highest density jackfields (15.88 mm jack pitch). The
precise machined one-piece tip contact without rivets makes it unique
and avoids hook up in a socket or break off the tip.
Varenr.: NEU-NP3X
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