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SOMMER CABLE Microphone cable 2x0.14 100m bk CICADA

SOMMER CABLE Microphone cable 2x0.14 100m bk CICADA
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High quality cable

This tiny twist with its 2.6 mm diameter fits in wherever there is little room. The SC-CICADA SO-D14 was originally developed as a high quality cable for the inside wiring of racks and audio equipment, but being tested extensively by various manufacturers of microphones, they very quickly relised the excellent technical and electrical values of the cable. In the meantime the SC-CICADA can be found on many clip and ear microphones, head sets, and speaker units.Especially appreciated is the extreme flexibility, the dense spiral shielding, and the pre-twisted and tin-plated drain wire on the SC-CICADA SO-D14, which gives the cable additional protection against bending and tearing.If you are a manufacturer of high quality audio components, then wire your units with this cable! The low noise and the shielding will amaze you!Available with a PUR-jacket (resistant to notching and cold temperatures!

High quality cable

  • Highly flexible due to the fine copper strand construction
  • Easy to work with due to the additional filler strand (0.22 mm²)
  • Outstanding shielding due to dense spiral shielding, 95 % optically opaque   
  • Longetivity and resistant to notching due to the tough PUR-jacket
  • Application:
  • Inside wiring of mixing boards, racks, and other audio components
  • Flexible cable for clip microphones, ear phones, speaker units, etc.
  • Construction of adapter cables
  • Made in Europe

Cable construction:2 x 0,14 mm² Miscellaneous Cables
Cable length:100 m
Weight:1,48 kg
Construction:(2LI2Y0,14 mm²) DY
Jacket, diameter:PUR Master Blend 2,6 mm
No. of inner conductors:2 x 0,14 mm²
Copper strand per conductor:18 x 0,10 mm
Cond. insulationCond. insulation:PE 0,90 mm
Shielding:copper spiral shielding + filler strand, tin-plated (0.22 mm2)
Shielding factor:95 %
Temperature range:min. -30° C
Temperature range:max. 70° C
Fire load per m:0,08 kWh
Packaging:100 m roll
Capac. cond./cond. per 1 m:65 pF
Capac. cond./shield. per 1 m:120 pF
Cond. resistance per 1 km:<148 ohms
Shield. resistance per 1 km:30 ohms
Insulation resist. per 1 km:>1 Gohms
Varenr.: E-3030744S