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RELACART WAM-402 4CH Digital UHF Automatic Mixer

RELACART WAM-402 4CH Digital UHF Automatic Mixer
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Digital UHF automatic mixer with DSP for up to 4 microphones

The WAM-402 is a wireless, DSP-based conference system that subtly and automatically carries out a number of functions in the background. Thus, it is also suitable for environments without present technical personnel such as video conferencing, large meetings or public sessions. Voice signals are detected intelligently, feedback and background noise thus successfully prevented. The WAM-402 is very flexible thanks to numerous accessories

Digital UHF automatic mixer with DSP for up to 4 microphones

  • 4 digital input channels for matching wireless tranmitters: UB-1, UD-1 and ET-60
  • 2 license-free frequency ranges: 823-832 MHz (Duplex Gap) and 863-865 MHz
  • Infrared interface for easy and error-free channel transfer to transmitters via infrared signal
  • Precise and noise-free microphone selection that automatically adjusts to changes in background room noise
  • Eliminates acoustic feedback and background noise
  • Automatic mixing technology activates only those microphones being addressed
  • Number of open microphones adjustable
  • Control algorithm adjusts gain automatically
  • Auto mixing parameters adjustable
  • Several units can be linked for operation with 9 wireless microphones, link cables included
  • User-friendly menu operation via LCD
  • Last used microphone stays activated (switchable)
  • Adjustable priority circuit for each microphone
  • Automatic frequency scan (AFS) finds interface-free channels
  • Lock function avoids accidental changing of settings
  • Balanced XLR output
  • Two removable antennas (BNC connection)
  • License-free and approved in large parts of the EU (please check Duplex Gap on a country-by-country basis)
  • Housing design: (19") 48.3 cm rack installation 1 U

Power supply:110-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
12 V DC 1 A
Power consumption:10 W
Frequency band:UHF 823 - 832 MHz; UHF 863 - 865 MHz
Power connection:Mains input Coaxial power connector (M) (provided)
Housing design:(19") 48.3 cm rack installation 1 U
Width:48,3 cm
Height:4,45 cm
Depth:27,5 cm
Weight:2,76 kg
System:True Diversity, 4 channels
Receiving frequencies:90
10 frequency banks with up to 10 preset frequencies each
Switching bandwidth:11 MHz
Deviation:±45 kHz
Frequency stability:±10 ppm
T.H.D.:<0.9 % at 1 kHz
S/N ratio:>100 dB
Modulation method:FM
Sensitivity:5 dBµV (S/N >60 dB at 25 deviation)
Audio output:XLR bal.,
Audio output level:-10 dBV
Communication:RS-232 (for external controllers)
RJ-11 and DIN (for audio/data link)
Antenna inputs:2 x BNC (supply 8 V/150 mA)
Varenr.: E-13055226